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Make your own beverages, save money, reduce waste and have fun.
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What is Homebrewer Lab?

HBLAB is about innovations for living good! Created by Trong Nguyen, a hacker, inventor, maker & brewer.

HomeBrewer Lab is all about innovating, learning, teaching and applying our advanced technology in controlling temperature, oxygen, pressure and access of household containers.

We have invented novel tools and processes for homebrewers to have fun making great beer and fermented food under pressure naturally with minimum impact on the planet. We love to share what we know and make.

So if you are lovers of beer, hard cider, kombucha, sauerkraut, come by and check us out. You surely will see and learn a few new things. Guaranteed!

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HBLAB’s Classes

We host regular free classes to share our knowledge and inventions on:

  1. Pressure brewing beer and hard cider with minimum equipment and hassle for great results and fun.
  2. Lacto-fermentation 2.0: making the crunchiest Sauer Slaw (our version of sauerkraut
  3. Making the best kombucha that you can't buy anywhere
  4. Microwave pressure cooking for the best tasting vegetables in less than 2 minutes

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HBLAB’s Innovative Products

We provide ground-breaking homebrewing equipment, everything you need to operate it, and some cool, custom HBLAB gear!

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HBLAB’s Micromakers Movement

Micromaking is making good tasting & healthy food at home using beneficial microorganisms and technology for better results and more eco-friendly.

Micromakers are people who practice micromaking with keen desire to learn, innovate and share their products & knowledge with others. So micromaking is a craft as well as a philosophy.

We are starting a Micromakers Movement and we love you to join us. Would you?

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