Novel • Nifty • Non-Obvious

We are the world's experts in controlling temperature, oxygen and pressure
of household containers for making and preserving food

The HBLAB has two main weapons in our fight to protect the Earth: innovation and fun.

Drastic change is needed in all aspects of human life if we are to ensure there’s a place for us in the planet’s future. The HomeBrewer LAB was founded to make the way we create, prepare, and enjoy beverages and food more sustainable. Innovation is key to our efforts, but we knew we wouldn’t get many people on board if our methods weren't fun as well as inventive. That’s why our inventions were developed to be easy and fun to use, operate sustainably, provide a sense of accomplishment, and save money. What more could you ask for? Beer, you say? Well, we do that too!

At the HomeBrewer LAB, we’re constantly developing novel ways to make or preserve food and beverages. Conventional thinking hasn’t gotten us as far as we’d like, so our innovators are looking for “world’s first” solutions that tackle sustainability problems in new and exciting ways. However, since we want people to actually use our products, we make sure that everything we do is beneficial to the user, their community, and the Earth we all enjoy.

Our Vision

Our flagship product is HBLAB’s patented Pot-au-Brew system, which enables people to brew fabulous craft beers right in their homes. It not only uses minimal water, but it’s also fast; from grain to glass in five days! But this is just the beginning. HomeBrewer LAB innovators are hard at work, with new inventions and ideas on the horizon. With continued interest and support from our community and people just like you, together we can help the environment and have fun doing it.


Projects Currently in Development Include:

  • Offering a Pot-au-Brew rental program so more people can experience the joy of homebrewing
  • Organizing a corps of “Homebrewers for Good” to brew beer at home using our free ingredients and then donate it to non-profit organization fundraising events
  • Offering site-visit opportunities for students to experience the spirit of inventing cool stuff
  • A system for making carbonated, low-alcohol kombucha with fresh fruits
  • An add-on that enables users to carbonate their favorite beverages with free CO2 generated from the Pot-au-Brew brewing process
  • The Microwave Autoclave®, which can sterilize a kitchen sponge in a microwave in only 1 minute
  • A system for cooking great tasting and nutritious vegetables in 1 minute utilizing steam pressure in a microwave
  • More efficient, waste-free methods of preserving food by limiting oxygen exposure