SPUNDit + FERMonitor


Accessories for Fermentasaurus, FermZilla, Pot-au-Brew, Pot-au-Keep

Product Description

Advanced spunding valve with unique features:

  • Precise & accurate
  • CO2 capturing capability
  • Fine adjustment with 0-30 PSI pressure gauge with FERMonitor blow-off bottle
  • Anodized aluminum main body
  • One push-to-connect (PTC) 6mm OD IN port with plug
  • One PTC 6mm OD OUT port & comes with 30" of 6mm OD Surethane tubing (the best!)
  • Stainless steel right angle ball lock disconnect
  • Industrial grade diaphragm pressure relief valve - specifically configured for homebrewing
  • Compact design with swivel 1/4" female flare fitting for mounting versatility
  • Made in USA

What you can use SPUNDit for:

  • Pressure fermentation
  • Pressure fermentation for 2 kegs at the same time
  • Precise control of the pressure of your serving kegs
  • Pressure transfer from primary to secondary
  • Counter pressure bottle filling WITHOUT a need for "two product dual pressure regulator"
  • Keg purging with CO2 from active fermentation*
  • Feed you homegrown cannabis or indoor herb grow box
  • On-keg pressure gauge & injecting CO2 through SPUNDit's auxiliary port
  • Carbonate your beer precisely
  • Enhance the performance of Fermensaurus, FermZilla, BrewKeg…