Pot-au-Brew – 8 quarts


Complete one-pot economical, easy and ecofriendly homebrewing system. Brew 5 liters of craft beer from all grain to glass as quick as 5 days for $1.50/pint.

Product Description

Patent-pending all-in-one pot for making craft beer at home, from all grain to glass in 5 days. Nothing like that in the world. No prior brewing experience is required.
Every step of brewing craft beer is done in a Pot-au-Brew – mash, wash, boil, chill, ferment (under pressure), carbonate, clarify and serve… and done right in your kitchen. So homebrewing with Pot-au-Brew is now a family affair. So different from typical homebrewing, we call it “Pot-au-Brewing.”

  • Perfect controls of sanitation, temperature, oxygen, pressure and light (STOPL)
  • Requires less time, water, energy and sanitizer
  • Sanitize by heat, ferment under pressure, enjoy clear carbonated beer without bottling
  • Option to carbonate your favorite beverages with captured CO2 from Pot-au-Brew
  • Option to use Pot-au-Brew as a Sous Vide cooker
  • Super easy to clean up
  • Takes up minimum storage space
  • Instructional videos of every step are available online

8 Quarts:

  • Pot-au-Brew
  • Floating draw tube
  • SPUNDit
  • FERMonitor
  • 5" probe thermometer
  • Ingredient pack for 10 liters of BYO IPA
  • Pot-au-Brewing instructions
  • Bundle of pride & joy!