Homebrewing 101: Learn the world’s first one-pot craft beer brewing – all grain to glass in 5 days


Learn to make your own beer, the most eco-friendly way, at HomeBrewer Lab using our patent-pending Pot-au-Brew. In this workshop, you will watch, taste and even have option to make your own batch of beer to take home. Taught by scientist and serial inventor, Trong Nguyen. Great class for all beer lovers.

This class will teach you:

  1. The basics and science of how beer is made
  2. The 4 key ingredients of beer: malts, hops, yeast & water
  3. Making 5-liter batch of beer with the recipe designed for our Pot-au-Brew
  4. Why sanitation, temperature, oxygen, pressure & light are critical for good beer making
  5. How easy to use and clean up our Pot-au-Brew system
  6. How to brew a 5-liter batch of Northeast IPA with Pot-au-Brew for about $1.50/pint

When/where: Please check our Event Calendar for scheduled classes and locations.
Requirements: Must be over 21 with valid ID and signed up in advance.

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Learn to brew 5 liters of Juicy IPA from all grains using only one Pot-au-Brew and your kitchen for $1.50/pint. You will learn how to:
1. mash malted grains to wort,
2. boil the wort to process hops for bitterness and flavor
3. chill the wort to safe temperature to pitch the yeast
4. ferment under pressure
5. dry hop to get incredible aromas
6. cold crash to clarify
7. serve cold, clear and carbonated beer directly from the Pot-au-Brew in 5 days