FERMonitor blow-off


Replaces typical airlock for beer & wine fermentation with many unique features/benefits

Product Description

Made with re-purposed VOSS 330ml water bottles.
Offering reliable means to monitor your brew progress. Know when your brew is done by watching the bubbling rhythm - the beat of your brew!
NO overflow - NO mess - NO cleanup - NO accidents - NO issues with hyperactive fermentation
Its low profile (compared to traditional airlocks) makes moving your fermenters in/out of the fridge a whole lot easier. Also fits inside insulated wrap nicely.
More durable with longer serviceable life than traditional airlocks. Better cost/benefits ratio
Convenient carabiner for hanging to your fermenter for easy moving both together.
FERMonitor's tubing is 6mm soft polyurethane designed for push-to-connect fittings.
Suitable for up to 14 gallon batch of brew. Maybe more...
Including right angle fitting to plug in your fermenter’s stopper (not included).