3 SUBMERGit + 1 KIGlid


SUBMERGit fermentation weight/headspacer for Mason jars

Product Description

  • Designed for wide mouth Mason jar with build-in spring actions for all types of vegetables
  • Keep everything submerged during & after fermentation - no more yucky floating Kahm yeast
  • Stackable for more headspace - ideal for making sauerkraut in 64-oz Mason jar without overflow/mess
  • Best companion with our KIGlids as seen in the photos
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Easy & fun for pickling or lacto-fermenting
  • If you do pickling or lacto-fermentation you should have SUBMERGits
  • There are 3 SUBMERGits in this offer with one KIGlid.

The best tool for pickling/lacto-fermenting with 100% buyer satisfaction (see feedbacks). There is nothing like it on the market. Better than them all. Just check the comparison table below. I have done lacto-fermenting for years and I think keeping the vegetables submerged is most important for having successful outcome. In fact, if you can keep them submerged - and doing nothing else - it would be good. I invented SUBMERGit for my own use out of frustration. Now I am sharing it with the pickling/fermenting fans.