3 KIGlid + 1 SUBMERGit


Patented KIGlids for wide mouth Mason jars

Product Description

KIGlids are made with BPA-free aluminum and food grade silicone. They have a silicone grip for good look and easy opening.
With KIGlids, you can do lacto-fermetation easily without the need for an airlock or daily burping.
With KIGlids and our companion proprietary SUBMERGit and a vacuum pump (both available here), you can do lacto-fermentation under vacuum at the onset to reduce oxygen, burping is automatic and the jar can be conveniently moved into cold storage without having to replace its lid. The fermented vegetables are uncharacteristically and delightfully crunchy.
With KIGlids and our vacuum pump, you can store your coffees, granola, spices... in Mason jars under vacuum for extended freshness.
With KIGlids and our vacuum pump, Boveda moisture packs and oxygen absorbers; you can cure & keep herbal medicine at ideal conditions of 62% RH & 0.1% oxygen to preserve quality, potency and mold-free condition.

The only lid in the world that can: burp fill (with choice of gas) flush (with choice of gas) vacuum release vacuum at 2 speeds: fast & slow.